Ray White Kusuma Bangsa is real estate agent with speciality in buying, selling, or renting of residentials, apartements and offices in Surabaya area. We also involve in commercial, landed, project and auction. Established in 2013, Kusuma Bangsa Residential has more than thousands of properties offered throughout Surabaya and also in Ray White network whole over Indonesia. Our specialist serve local market and expatriate. We give a freedom to investors and individual to choose any property that ... read on

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Floor Time

Every marketing executive got their schedule for Floor Time. Floor Time is the time when the marketing stay at the office to handle incoming call from the customers regarding the needs for selling & leasing. read on

Annual Meeting

This Meeting is setup for every new year to evaluate all the marketing executive. This event is also for creating a stronger bound between each marketing, so we’ll have a solid teamwork. read on

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(1 - 10 of 283 results)